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    Please see the attached and post your feedback.



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    Wendy Perry

    Hi there, sorry only just saw this and I’ve posted this comment under the discussion with the Department:

    Hi there, on the Appendix 1 for the Quarterly Report, all the feedback provided by the Department in the email, we are already reporting in this way.

    The suggested change under Client information – Include group and 1-1s would make way more work for us.  Would like to see this remain and 1-1s only as sorting through all our events and group info with hundreds and thousands of participants would be far too much to resource.  Everything else is fine but essentially suggesting apart from some basic tidying up that the form is not changed, thanks.

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    No change needed IMHO. Dept already has a brief from AEA on priorities for change, have you contributed to that?

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    Hi Wendy

    I see what you mean – especially with your numbers! Do you collect info of attendees, e.g. through a sign up? Then you’ll know which are repeats etc…


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    Hi Nic

    No – I don’t remember seeing that or being given the opportunity to comment.

    If the ability to have a say, give feedback etc is limited to being AEA members who pay, then we have a problem with it not actually representing all of us, which I believe was the original intention of the industry body?

    I’m not sure that it gives a great message to the Dept either, as it’s not truly representing more than a small handful (6 to date?) of EFS providers….

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    Stephanie Thoo

    Hi everyone,

    Approve of new matrix for reporting. Have a few concerns about the some of the barrier changes. In particular:

    • Business Skills merging with Core Entr – We perceive these as quite different. Would prefer to keep both and keep as separate.
    • Community perception – This is a big barrier for us in a rural area. Would prefer to keep.
    • Human resources – We find this barrier occurring, event for small business. Would prefer to keep.
    • Lack of idea focus – This is our #1 barrier as many of our clients have 2+ ideas. Would prefer to keep.



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    Liz Haselgrove

    Thanks Steph! Noted and passed on 🙂


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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